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Why Choose an Independent Doctor?

When it comes to choosing a medical provider, more and more people are opting for independent over larger medical systems.

Instead of being limited to 20-minute appointment slots, these independent physicians focus on giving individualized attention and care to their patients.

Dr. Cheryl Bauer-Olson is one such doctor who specializes in treating young, growing families, adults, and children. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing an independent primary care physician versus the larger systems.

Who Are Independent Physicians?

Independent doctors are those who are not affiliated with a larger hospital system or clinic.

These doctors are often specialists in their respective fields—such as dermatology, psychiatry, or gastroenterology—and they have more freedom to determine their own policies and procedures than those who work in a larger system.

They also tend to spend more time with patients and provide more personal attention. This can be beneficial if you’re looking for a doctor who truly gets to know you and your health history.

Benefits of Independent vs. Larger Medical Systems

Deciding what kind of medical care to choose can be a difficult decision, especially when you’re choosing between independent and a larger medical system.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both choices, but we’ll take a look at why opting for an independent physician in Fargo North Dakota might be the best choice for your health needs.

No 20-Minute Appointment Slots

At larger medical systems, you might be used to having appointments that are limited to just 20 minutes or even less—which isn't ideal if you need to discuss something in-depth or ask a lot of questions.

With an independent physician like Dr. Bauer-Olson, however you won't have to worry about being rushed through your appointment. Without dozens of other patients waiting for their appointment after yours, she will be able to give you more time and attention during your visit—something many people appreciate when it comes to healthcare services.

She takes her time with patients, ensuring that all their needs are addressed and all their questions answered.

Focusing on Young Growing Families, Adults, and Children

Dr. Bauer-Olson has focused her practice on young growing families, adults and children alike—which means she is well equipped to provide comprehensive care for everyone in your family, from newborns to grandparents.

Not only will she be able to give each patient the individualized care they need, but Dr. Cheryl Bauer-Olson family medicine Fargo ND can be your most reliable health advocate.

A More Personable and Personalized Experience

Another benefit of working with an independent doctor like Dr. Bauer-Olson is that you can look forward to a more personalized and laid back experience.

An independent family medicine physician can offer customized care tailored to each family and patient’s specific needs, beliefs, and desires.

Without the constraints of a large medical system, they can provide more comprehensive treatments by taking their time with each patient visit and listening to you.

Proactive Approach

With the emphasis on personalized care, independent family physicians take a proactive approach when it comes to diagnosing and treating conditions as soon as possible. A high priority principle in family medicine is to help spot potential health issues early on.

This allows them to address issues before they become chronic conditions or illnesses that require long-term treatment plans or medications.

Flexible Hours

Because an independent provider does not have the same rigid hours as a large system, they can often accommodate flexible appointment times that work better for their patients’ busy schedules.

This is especially beneficial for parents who might need evening or weekend appointments for their children.

Longer Appointments

With shorter appointment slots becoming increasingly common in large systems, many patients find themselves rushing through visits without having enough time to discuss all of their concerns with their doctor.

With longer appointment times available from an independent provider, it is easier for patients and doctors to have detailed conversations about diagnosis and treatment options which leads to better overall care plans.


With more scheduling flexibility, Dr. Bauer-Olson can often provide same day and walk-in appointments. Because they are knowledgeable about you and your history, seeing your own primary care physician when you are sick can result in better treatment and quicker recovery.

Independent physicians often have direct access numbers so that you can quickly reach them if you ever need assistance outside of your scheduled appointments or if you simply have questions about your health and well-being between visits.

Many will also provide online tools like patient portals which allow you to easily communicate with your doctor remotely instead of having to wait for an office visit just for simple inquiries about symptoms or medication changes.

Focus on Patient Education

As part of their commitment to personalized care, many independent providers will take extra time during each visit to discuss topics related directly to the individual’s lifestyle choices and how those decisions impact overall health outcomes.

Holistic Treatment Plans

Since they are not bound by the constraints of large systems focusing solely on traditional medicine (i.e., pharmaceuticals), many independent providers offer holistic treatment plans. These are aimed at educating patients about the importance of lifestyle: food choices, spiritual health, and activity levels, and the impact on overall well-being.

Final Words

When considering a primary care physician, it’s important to consider all the options available. Including larger medical systems and independent ones like Dr. Cheryl Bauer-Olson, who focus on personalized care tailored specifically towards young families and adults alike.

By taking advantage of these benefits, such as longer appointment times, focused attention, and holistic care plans, patients will be able to receive higher quality healthcare services tailored specifically towards their individual needs.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality primary care physician that offers personalized care without sacrificing quality or convenience, then consider choosing independent Family Medicine like Dr. Cheryl Bauer-Olson in Fargo, North Dakota.

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