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My life's passion is to help you lead healthier, fulfilled, and more beautiful lives by taking care of the whole person.

Dr. Cheryl Bauer-Olson, Fargo Family Doctor


Hi, I'm Dr. Cheryl Bauer-Olson specializing in Family Medicine and Obstetrics. 

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Dr. Cheryl Bauer-Olsons location, phone number, and fax number


4133 30th Ave South Suite 103

Fargo, ND 58104





Stormy Vickers, Attorney

I am a skeptic.  Maybe even a premature curmudgeon.  But over the past decade plus of seeing Dr. Bauer-Olson I have never felt more confident in the medical care provided by her and her staff.  Dr. Bauer-Olson is always kind and attentive.  She makes you feel like a human, considers what you say, and genuinely cares about her patients.  Over 10 years and two kids later – my entire family sees Dr. Bauer-Olson and we could not be happier or more confident with our medical care. 

Jenna Larsen, 

Struggling with wanting and needing to find the best possible doctor? At the same time, do you want to ensure it's the right fit so you don't have to go through the process of finding a decent doctor yet again, for years to come? Halt. Your search ends here. Dr. Bauer-Olson has the most compassionate, patient driven care in the area. She practices without any ulterior motives for the care she provides, beyond her motive of caring for and about EVERY individual human being; we are never seen as a number. All issues are addressed whether she has expertise in an area or not because of her high degree of listening, patient led treatment plans and insight when referrals to specialists are needed. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Bailey McMurray

I like going to Dr Bauer Olson because she makes me comfortable and the clinic is small so I always see the same people.

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